A happy and engaged organizational culture is a priority for all effective profitable businesses, small and large.  When rolling out HR policies, companies need to focus not only on compliance but equally important is attracting talent and maximizing employee engagement and retention.  Apto Law helps businesses with these key HR initiatives through workplace training and culture programs.  

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Workplace Training

  • Harassment Prevention: National, California AB1825 Supervisor and 2020 All Employees
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Respectful Workplace & Effective Communication
  • Employment Law 101 for Supervisors
  • Form I-9 Completion and ICE Audits/Raids
  • Equal Pay Practices & Policies
  • Wage and Hour Compliance: Common Pitfalls

Workplace Culture Programs

Building a positive workplace culture is highly beneficial for organizations and talent. When organizations employ initiatives that focus on people and meeting essential human needs, the result is a positive workplace culture that will survive and thrive in challenging times. Apto Law can help your organization do that with culture programs and policies that enhance employee productivity, create work-life balance, and improve employee retention.

  • Paid and Unpaid Leaves: Unlimited Vacation,
  • Paid Sick Leave, PTO, Parental Leave, Medical Leave
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Telecommuting, Workshare, Flex Attendance, Alternative Work Schedules
  • Equitable and Fair Incentive Compensation Programs
  • Employee Development: Educational
  • Reimbursement, Sabbaticals
  • Employee Recognition: Service and Spot Awards
  • Audits: Culture & Compensation
  • Effective Workplace Accommodations
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Workplace Violence Prevention

The Benefits of Creating A Positive Culture In Your Workplace

  • Employees are able to focus on their jobs, improving productivity, rather than focusing on what is going wrong with the company and its leadership
  • Employees are proud to work for positive organizations and share their experience with their social networks, enhancing the company brand
  • Knowledge and experience is shared between talented employees which improves efficiency, productivity and performance
  • People enjoy coming to work and are more committed to the organization, reducing the huge costs of turnover
  • Employees go home happier and more satisfied, and this impacts their families and friends