Apto Law represents a wide variety of clients throughout the United States on all types of employment law and HR consulting projects and matters. Our clients include publicly traded, private equity and privately held companies, as well as non-profit organizations. Our services and products are used by companies and organizations in all types of industries, pharmaceutical, food, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, technology and engineering.

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TTM Technologies, Inc. Costa Mesa, CA/Technology Manufacturing Industry; Shawn Powers, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources – Holly worked with TTM leadership prior to the start of the Legal Department to implement and roll-out compliant U.S. HR employment policies, drafting the first TTM Employee Handbook we still use as a template today, and rolling out and revamping numerous HR employment related policies and programs from FMLA/ADA to new hire and end of employment documents, and PTO programs. She also helped us navigate a number of complicated workplace investigations, EEOC complaints, an ICE I9 audit and employee issues. Working with Holly is always fun and she approaches HR compliance issues with a solution minded approach that gets the job done.

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Charles River Laboratories, Inc. Boston, MA/Pharmaceutical Industry; Scot Plotnick, Associate General Counsel, Global Employment Law -- Apto Law and Holly Stamm recently completed a year-long project of completing and assisting with the roll-out of a national Charles River Employee Handbook for XXXX United States employees in 31 states. Our prior handbook was done over 10 years ago and prior to numerous acquisitions and did not reflect our current culture. Working with Holly, we were able to create an employee friendly, electronic, progressive Employee Handbook that contains all the policies needed to attract and retain top talent in the United States. Charles River intends to use the Handbook as a template for our global Handbooks. Along the way, Holly assisted with the re-write and implementation of numerous related HR policies from Sick and Vacation Pay, to Workplace Violence and Leaves and Absences, doing detailed drafting of complicated


Renaissance Food Group (Calavo, Inc. Sub) Sacramento, CA/Fresh Food; Cassie VanDeluyster, Director, Corporate Human Resources -- Apto Law is our retained HR Compliance partner and we have worked with Holly for over a year as we are growing our business exponentially. She has helped us create and roll-out progressive, strategic total rewards HR policies and programs to help us attract and retain our talent base in a fast-paced food industry. Holly’s skill set is in drafting HR policies to meet the needs of a growing hourly/non-exempt employee based company. She created our Employee Handbook for a national multi-state roll-out, assisted with our FMLA/ADA workplace program and provided easy to use templates for all our employee HR compliance needs. Holly also gives RFG strategic advice on all types of employee claims, from wage and hour through discrimination. She will pick up her phone, respond to emails and texts in minutes or seconds and is a true business partner for our company.

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